San Antonio Chapter Of Ladies On Wheels History

The San Antonio Chapter of Ladies On Wheels Motorcycle Riding Club, also known as “L.O.W. Riders”, was co-founded on November 5, 2005 by Bree, aka “Breezy”, President 2005-2011, and Debra , aka “Street”, after meeting with the original Chapter of Ladies On Wheels in Austin, Texas.

Our goal was to continue the efforts of the Austin Chapter, by creating a Women’s Riding Club in San Antonio that would promote the passion of riding motorcycles in a club, where Women would feel comfortable, safe, and enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of fellow Women.

It was also our goal, as the San Antonio Chapter of Ladies On Wheels, to be involved in Volunteer Efforts and give back to our community. As our Chapter has grown over the last 9 years, we have been proudly involved in volunteer events such as the Susan Komen Race For The Cure, The Texas Department Of Highway Safety Adopt A Highway, Habitat For Humanity, and this year, we have proudly been volunteering at the South Texas AAU Junior Olympic Track and Field Trial Event, and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s “Ride For Kids”.

We have a diverse group of ladies, who are all a part of a riding group that feels like family…a sisterhood of Women Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

As we enter our 10th Anniversary as the San Antonio Chapter Of Ladies On Wheels, we look forward to the growth of our Women’s Motorcycle Family, and the many adventures, camaraderie, and laughter that this club brings to each one of us. We look forward to having you join us on a ride, and become part of our fantastic group of Ladies On Wheels.



**Members must be at least twenty~five (25) years of age.

**All members must sign a yearly waiver relieving the club of any and/or all responsibility.

**All members with a motorcycle must carry, and provide, proof of current insurance and valid license as required by the state.

**Members must follow the "rules of the road" for group riding on all L.O.W. rides.

**Members must wear their colors on Club sponsored rides.

Prospecting Members ~ A person may apply for probationary/prospecting status at any time by contacting any present officer and voicing an interest in the L.O.W. Riders and it's membership.

Active "prospects" must complete the following:

*2 Rides * 2 Socials * 2 Volunteer Activities

These requirements allow the prospect ample time to meet the membership and decide if she would like to join and also allows the membership time to make sure that the prospect will be an asset to the club.

Full Members ~ Are ladies who have completed their probationary period, own and operate their own motorcycle, and are current on their dues ($75.00 yearly). These members may wear the Club colors and patch. They are also eligible for various club awards and may vote on club issues at membership meetings.

Associate Members ~ These are ladies without a motorcycle but who have a passion for motorcycles and wish to participate in club activities. (AKA ~ BOB's). After completion of the prospecting requirements they may wear the club colors and other club merchandise.
Their dues are $50.00 per year.

These members are not eligible to vote on club issues, hold a position of officer and are not eligible for some club awards.  Associate members do have the availability to upgrade to a full membership.